DR1800FZ-PL Rotary arm stretch wrapper

Product information
DR1800FZ-PL Rotary arm stretch wrapper
Customer cargo size
Packaging cargo:Palletizingon the pallet
Products size:       L 1200mm×W 1000mm×H 1200mm
Cargo weight:        1000Kg(max)
Turn table size:     L 1200mm×W 1000mm×H 2000mm 
Transmission lines Height:  500mm
Packaging Efficiency:      40-50 pallet/hour
Provide machine service
No. Name Products Amount Remark
1 Rock arm DT1800FZ-PL 1set Contain both sides safety net
2 transport、Installation and commissioning China—Malaysia 1set  
Supply Machine Technical Parameters
Size of  Roller conveyor line(Optional)
Transmission lines Effective width: 1300mm
Transmission lines height:500mm
Transmission lines size:L3700mm×W1400×H500mm
Transmission lines Style:Roller conveyor
Provide Machine Parameter
Machine load bearing:2000Kg(max)
Packaging Efficiency:25-50pallet/hour
Transmission lines speed:200mm/s
Transmission lines height:500mm
Rock arm rotating speed:18rpm
Machine power:3.0 KW
Machine weight:2000Kg
Work voltage:380VAC/3 phase 5 line/50Hz
Air consumption:1000ml/min
Pneumatic working pressure:0.4~0.6MPa
Machine use occasion:Indoor temperature
Packaging Materials
Stretch film: LLDPE
Film width:500mm
Thickness:                        20-35μm
Max Outside diameter:             260mm
Inner hole:                        76mm
Rock Arm drive part(1set)
Motor Frequency Governor & Brake
Rock Arm Reducer:Nord
Rock Arm drive Frequency Brake
Rock Arm drive speed:n=10-18rpm(Frequency Brake)
Film frame up-down part(1set)
Film frame up-down use Chain drive,Smooth and reliable.
Film frame up-down drive Reducer:Turbine vortex reducer
Motor power: 0.75kw
Film frame up-down Gear motor:Nord
Frame part(1set)
The frame is the four-pillar square steel structure. The material is Q235 profile.
The upper part of the frame is equipped with transmission bracket.
The rock arm is fixed to the rocker arm through a rotating support.
Safety protection device (1set)
The frame parts have safety protection device and protective nets
The protective net height 1800mm (the drawings shall prevail)
The device stops at the top left corner and the protective nets door is in the lower left corner.
The door protection uses a plug-in switch.
Film frame part(1set)
Install the photoelectric switch on the film frame; automatically detect the height of the goods.
The power of the film frame ca motor: 0.75KW
Film frame out motor:                Nord
Film frame Draw ratio:               1:2.5
Send film Frequency adjustment
Film frame Follow the agency
Film Sending Swing arm,switch can control the send film motor
Automatic film on-off mechanism
Film on:Unique way of working,Cargo packaging more solid,Packaging beautiful atmosphere,Improve packaging efficiency;
Solder film、Film off:especially  film off and solder、Automatic film on-off mechanism be control by the system,safety and health and High efficiency
Rocker winding machine Pneumatic control system
Air supply requirements:Please connect to the control box manually, and must be one control box controls the cylinder drive
Electrical and control systems
PLC Programming control system
Touch screen,Can be Setting parameters for the package;
Sensor,Automatic sensing of cargo height;
Rotary support drive,Accurate positioning;
Digitizing Parameter system
Automatic manual mode adjustable
The machine is running with a warning light
Safety monitoring;To prevent the packaging of goods wrong;
Major parts
Name Brand
PLC Siemens
Inverter Liteon
Touch screen Siemens
Photoelectric switch Panasonic
Limit switch Siemens
Proximity switches Elcho
Cylinder Zhicheng
Rocker gear motor Tongyu
Membrane frame lift motor Liming
Membrane frame motor Tongyu
Communication with the host computer
The communication signal for the dry node communication.
Four main signals,A spare signal.
Signal B1: Rocker arm is normal,No trouble.
Normal: NO          Failure: off
Signal B2: Allow purchase,Indicating that the rocker arm allows the customer's goods to enter the packaging position of the rocker arm.
Before entering: ON; Entering: OFF.
Signal B3:  Allow shipping, indicating that the rocker arm allows the customer to start the conveyor line to transport the goods from the packaging position of the rocker arm.
Before completion: ON; after completion: OFF.
Working conditions
Working system:Three shifts of production,Eight hours,every year working more than 300days,24 hour work.
Power: 380V AC50HZ  Voltage fluctuation range +∕-10℅
Operating conditionsAmbient temperature 10-40℃Relative humidity 10-90%
After-sale technical services
All machines in the installation, commissioning and acceptance began two years of free warranty responsibility for life to provide technical and maintenance services.
In addition to human factors to enjoy two years free replacement
World Service Hotline 24 hours to provide technical support. Frequently Asked Questions 15 minutes troubleshooting.


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