K1100 Pallet wrapping machine 2

Product information
K1100 Pallet wrapping machine
Machine features
Totally enclosed Electrical cabinet锛孉void dust enter锛寃hich have long service life and lower problem.
Protection level IP54锛宑omplying with CE standard.
Which have origin start and  random start function锛孖t has been designed to meet all customer.
New film frame design锛孴he stretch effect of the winding film is more uniform and smooth.
Special balance control  round design锛宮ake the turntablereduce noise锛宔asier to maintain.
Main technical parameters
Turntable diameter锛φ1650mm
Packing height锛2400mm
Wrapping specifications:(600-1200)×锛500-1100锛塵m锛圠×W锛
Turntable height锛78mm
Turntable bearing: 2000kg
Supply voltage锛歋ingle-phase 220V
Rotary speed锛0~12 r/min
Packaging锛歀LDPE Stretched film
Film roll inward锛76.2mm  Film roll O.D锛240mm
Main performance
Control system锛
Program-controlled unit all-in-one锛孴he number of winding layers and times can be set锛
Photoelectric switch锛孉utomatically sensing the height of the goods 锛
Reinforcement winding function锛孲pecial protection may be made for certain parts锛
Top time setting function;
Within switch protection device and emergency stop switch device锛
Operation interface锛
Hommization intelligence parameter setting锛
Interface display setting锛
The operation is simpler and more convenient锛
Achieve Man-machine dialogue锛孴he display shows the operation of the equipment at any time锛
Using integrated communication mode锛宖requency control more pronounced锛
Less wiring锛宼he failure rate is reduced to a minimum锛
Troubleshooting is more convenient and intuitive锛
Turntable drive锛
Turntable speed 0锝12 rpm adjustable锛
The turntable drive is chain drive锛宎ccurate positioning锛
Automatic reset of turntable锛
The film frame system:
The film frame is a-c dynamo Mechanical stretching mechanism锛宎lso  has frequency control锛宎djust film tension锛孧echanical stretching up to 150%;
The film frame structure use integral welding technology and Laser positioning cutting process锛孴he film frame higher strength and machining accuracy锛孡et the film  frame more stable and lower noise锛
The film frame up銆乨own speed銆乼he film send speed Adjustable锛
Top and bottom winding numbers are individually controlled锛
Film system follow-move mechanism锛宩ust pull it锛
New film frame design锛宼he stretch effect of the winding film is more uniform and smooth;
Easy transportation and movement锛
Upright column mechanism锛
Put to use enclosed structure锛宮ake the dustproof effect better and more durable锛
Easier installation, film frame on the flank锛孒inge joint锛宖ilm frame immediate use锛宯o debugging required锛
Device configuration table:
Operation panel锛歬ingon
Frequency converter锛欵asydrive
Turntable motor锛歀iming
Lifting motor锛歍ongyu
The film frame motor锛歀iming
Travel switch锛歍ayee
Photoelectric switch锛歅anasonic
Approach switch锛欵lco
Other deploy is our standard

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