DT1650FZ Fully automatic pallet wrapping machine

Fully automatic pallet wrapper has auto-pneumatic clamp and cutting unit. Helping customers to increase efficiency and save time. The film grab and cutting unit ensure film hooking and cutting completely. The loaded pallet can be exactly positioned by fork lift truck. The forklift operator place the load on the turntable and does not get off the vehicle to start the machine, he can start wrap cycle by remote control and after having accomplished the wrapping cycle in an automatic manner, removes the pallet. This model has function of automatic film attaching and cutting, remote controlled operation, and film tail treatment.

Technology data:



Wrap Size (L X W)

(800-1200) X (800-1200)mm

Wrap Height (mm)

L type:1800mm  H type:2400mm  Y type:2800mm  

Wrap Efficiency

40-50 Pallets/Hour

Turntable Speed

0-12 rpm Adjustable turntable speed

Turntable Diameter


Turntable weight capacity (max)


Film Carriage

Pre-stretch / customized stretch ratio: 200%-400%
Mechanical -stretch / stretch ratio:150%

Cut & clamp unit

Pneumatic Control; Automatic Film Attaching, Cutting And Wiping

Pneumatic System

0.6-1.0Mpa 200NL/min

Total weight


Machine Dimension

2745mm X 1650mm X (2270-2870)mm


Turntable:0.75kw  Film carriage:0.35kw  Lift system: 0.37kw /AC220V 50HZ

Top plate




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