DS2000M Orbital wrapping machine with top sheet dispenser

This is a fully automatic orbital wrapping machine for larger size packaging, which apply to electronic, building materials and metallurgy industries. The main characteristic is it has developed the high efficient automatic聽 film up and down mechanism and the front & back film cover device can achieve automatic covering film on the wrapping good. The automatic cushion block device can adapt to wood (plywood), paper, foam pad and other materials.
Main processes: The machine preparation聽 after put on the film, automatic delivery the goods to the right position, and will place cushion blocks in accordance with the set requirements, then continue to enter the wrapping machine to cover聽 the front聽 film, wrapping forward, covered the back-end film, cut off the film at聽 the wrapping ends to complete a packaging process. It is simple and efficient.
Technology data:



Inner diameter

桅2000mm, Aluminum alloy material

Wrap speed


Wrap size(W脳H)


Wrap length


Transport speed


Dimension and material of packaging


LLDPE Stretch film



External聽 diameter






Cut & clamp unite(Optional)

Swing arm type (heating to break film)/
Linear type (mechanical break film)

Film cover device

蠁450mm锛學2000mm锛孧echanical break film

Film carriage

Resistance stretch film carriage/ Pre-stretch film carriage

Automatically placed block

Aluminum alloy block storehouse, 0.37 kw, Drive by motor and chain, Store capacity: 30 blocks

Conveyor (Optional)

Roller conveyors, Rubber belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, Chain-plate conveyors etc. Conveyor聽 Height can be customized according to customer's requirements


1. Other specifications can be customized according to request
2.Machine power is without conveyor line power
3.Can be used together with automatic strapping machine in line, to achieve fully automatic packaging process by automatic strapping and automatic wrapping.

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