DS1400F Orbital wrapping machine

Efficient orbital wrapping packaging machine, specially designed for home appliances and other related industries. At the same time ,with the highly efficiency requirement, had equipped with pre-stretch film carriage, adopt the import collecting slip ring to control parts keep a constant spacing between consecutive packing by transmission, in the end delivery location increased the work piece interval film break device. The efficiency will at full capacity to deliver with the maximum speed. Install the automatic film carriage clamp-cut devices as well, to adapt to the automation of other single packaging.
DS1400F horizontal wrapping packaging machine can be equipped with: resistance stretch film carriage /pre-stretch film carriage, automatic film clamp -cut device, place block device, work piece interval film break device, this can be selected according to requirements.
Technology data:



Inner diameter

桅1400mm, Aluminum alloy material

Wrap speed

60 rpm, adjustable

Wrap size(W X H)

950X 950mm(max)

Wrap length


Transport speed


Dimension and material of packaging


LLDPE Stretch film



External聽 diameter






Applicable industries

Home appliances, building materials, metallurgy, etc

Cut & clamp unite(Optional)

Swing arm type (heating to break film)/
Linear type (mechanical break film)

Film carriage

Resistance stretch film carriage/ Pre stretch film carriage

Automatically cut film between work piece

Pneumatic/electric fast cutting film between work piece, maximize the efficiency of packaging

Conveyor (Optional)

Roller conveyors, Rubber belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, Chain-plate conveyors etc. Conveyor聽 Height can be customized according to customer's requirements


  1. Other specifications can be customized according to request聽聽
  2. Can be used together with automatic strapping machine in line, to achieve fully automatic packaging process by automatic strapping and automatic wrapping.

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