FM1800Frame type Top sheet machine

Product information
FM1800Frame type Top sheet machine
Customer cargo size
Packaging applications:    Supporting production line
Products size:             L 1120×W 820×H 570-900 mm 
Cargo weight:               2000Kg (max)
Turntable size:            L 1120×W 820×H 130 mm
Transmission lines Height     500mm
Packaging Efficiency:       20 pallet/hour 
Packaging process
After completion of palletizing, let the goods enter the top sheet machine position,and the top sheet machine will full auto-masterly to pack the top film,when it finished it will cut the film and come to the waiting position.
Packaging Materials
Top film:                    PE
Film width:                 1800mm(max)
Outside diameter:           260mm
Inside diameter:             76.2mm
Top film long:               1100~1400mm(max)can change
PE  Thickness:             40~80μm
Film roll weight(MAX):      10KG
Supply Machine Technical Parameters
Top sheet machine parameter
Power:                      2.0KW
Work voltage:                380VAC/3 phase 5 line/50Hz
Air consumption:             1000ml/min
Pneumatic working pressure:   0.4~0.6 MPa
Traction motor power:          0.4kw
Suitable for pallet size:         1250mm×1250mm
Packaging efficiency:           40pallet/hour
Traction speed:                9.5m/min
Traction frame moving speed:   4.5m/min
Cut film way:                  Cylinder drive,Blade cutting film
Control system
Use PLC、motor frequency conversion can be control、Photo electricity and Position detector constitute the body of the control system,make the machine come to full-automatic. Whole system is more easy and simple, Perfect function, easy to overhaul and maintenance.
Main configuration:
No. Name. Manufacturer Specification model
  PLC Siemens  
  Frequency converter Lite on  
  Touch screen Siemens  
  Photoelectric switch Panasonic  
  Limit switch Siemens  
  Approach switch Elco  
  Top film gear motor Nord  
  Traction motor Nord  
After-sale technical services:
All machines in the installation, commissioning and acceptance began two years of free warranty responsibility for life to provide technical and maintenance services.
In addition to human factors to enjoy two years free replacement.
World Service Hotline 24 hours to provide technical support. Frequently Asked Questions 15 minutes troubleshooting.


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