Fully automatic on line wrapping machine with top sheet dispenser
SHANDONG KINGON INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD push out this DT1800FZ+FM new integration fully automatic on line wrapping machine with top sheet dispenser.
This equipment adopts the integrated design, has the function of automatic top sheet dispenser and online type wrapping machine, with more perfect functions, more reliable operation and higher efficiency. It is easy installation, convenient maintenance and little space occupation.
It has all the integrity performance of the two respectively independent machines before. But the structure is more compact, function is more complete, and the most important, this model can save more space, save material and machine cost. So it is more cost-effective.
   In addition to the requirements to meet the pallet wrapping of four sides before, more and more custom add the top sheet dispenser requirements now to achieve 5 sides. Because this can achieve a better effect of the pallet goods dustproof, waterproof and transportation more stable.
It is the best choice of high efficient and high-performance packaging machine.
Please contact us if your are interested !

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