Bale press machine

Model: K25
Instruction: This Bale press machine is specially used for waste paper; scrap cardboard boxes, used cartons, waste books and magazines, waste plastics or similar compression packaging of loose dry waste. Use this machine can saving space, protect environment, easy to storage and transportation for waste. To achieve the requirement of save freight, convenient for handling, and improve work efficiency.
Machine features:
1:  Automatic ejects the bale out, specially improve the work efficiency
2:  The Oil cylinder adopt cross installation, which reduce the equipment height, convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance.
3:  The door has open lock connect protector, so machine use safer.
4:  The bale eject out should be two hands operate, to avoid wrong operation, and to protect the operator safety
5:  Sensitive emergency stop switch, installation smart, use convenient
6:  High strength hand wheel open and high stability of pressure safety door.
7:  Longer press journeys to ensure the higher mass density
8:  Independent hydraulic station and control box, easy to repair and maintenance

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