DP300 Pallet dispenser

Pallet stacker and pallet dispenser replace manual handling of pallets in automated material handling systems.  Pallet stackers do the work for you, placing used pallets in a stack for reuse or transport.  Pallet dispensers are an integral part of most palletizing systems ensuring a pallet is always ready for a robotic or conventional palletizer to place products.  

Technology data:

  • Heavy duty tubular structure
  • Interior protection plates
  • Robust mechanical design
  • User friendly
  • Modular and configurable
  • Multi-language interface
  • Integrates to your downstream operations
  • Designed for automated manufacturing operations
  • Reduced floor space design
  • Other sizes available upon request


  • Three(3) pallets per minute capacity
  • Automatically dispenses pallets in any of three directions
  • Bottom / floor dispenser design


  • Increased stocking capacity from ten(10) to twenty(20) pallets
  • Chain or roller conveyor for pallet dispensing

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