1. After our machine arrived at your factory, check the machinery, spare parts, and accessories are complete according to the packing list, as well as whether the machine is damaged in transit. ( If not complete or damaged, please immediately contact with the transport department representations or shipper)
2. Inspect the certificate, make sure the machine you use is qualified product and comply with the requirements of your order.
3. Open the wooden case according to the specified location (not to damage the machine), check the equipment and random accessories in accordance with the random packing list.
4. Install, test and use the machine after reading the manual carefully.                  
5. This equipment should be installed in the dry indoor environment with no dust, non-inflammable, no explosive chemicals and no corrosive effect to the products, temperature range -10-40 º C, no junction leakage.
6. Check other parts of the connection, whether electrical wiring is loose or off, you should be fixed with all the loose parts and wires in time.
7. Be sure to provide accurate, stable and reliable power supply (Do not use temporary lines)
8. Turn on the power supply, and press the air switch and operating panel power of the electrical control cabinet, you can debug in the standby mode after the machine self-test.
9. Check whether all the limit switches have any damage and if on the correct position, whether can be normal use.
10. Equipment chains and reducer has lubricated or oiling before delivery, please confirm before operation.

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