As the requirement of people increasing efficiency in logistics, at the same time to reduce labor, save packaging cost so the wrapping machine, has gradually become a necessary packaging machine in large enterprises, especially export-oriented enterprises. The wrapping machine are widely used in export of foreign trade, food and beverage, plastic and chemical industry, glass ceramic, mechanical and electrical casting products to reduce container costs, improve production efficiency, and can also prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, and have dustproof, moisture proof and cleaning effect.
The development prospects of wrapping machine industry market performance have two aspects:
1: The packaging machine is widely used in food and beverage, daily necessities, medicine, electronics, tobacco, and other fields, with the rapid development of food and beverage industries, related to the demand of packaging equipment is also growing, so to one of China's packaging machinery wrapping machine industry development has establish a good foundation;
2: In recent years, the market requirement is more and more high to the of packaging machinery, at the same time, countries have stepped up surveillance to packaging industry, and puts forward new requirements for the packaging technology, a lot of packaging equipment production enterprises had increased investment in the packaging machinery and technology innovation, this development has injected new vitality to the wrapping machine industry.
Comprehensive the development prospect analysis of the wrapping machine industry then came to the conclusion: the development of packaging machinery manufacturers more and more on the fast speed, low-cost packaging equipment. The equipment is blossom to small, flexible, versatile and efficient direction. Wrapping machine market pay more and more attention to the actual production, this trend also included save time, reduce cost, so the packaging world pursues a combination, simple, portable packaging equipment. In packaging machinery automation, the automation program has been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data collection system etc.

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