On October 13, 2015 morning, the state council information office held a press conference about the import and export in the 2015 first three quarters. The general administration of customs, spokesman for Huang Songping said during a presentation on relevant information, there are even aspects of the import and export situation in the 2015 first three quarters.
1: In the third quarter, the export growth continued to fall, but each month exports shrank from month to month.
2: General trade export had growth, the trade structure continuous optimization.
3: In emerging markets and part of the area along the Country exports well all the way, and diversified trading partners to effective.
4: Guangdong etc. foreign trade big province performed better than the overall, the advantage is obvious.
5: The proportion of private enterprises is significantly increased; foreign trade is much more multielement.
6: Mechanical and electrical products export growth, the export product structure continues optimization.
7: Some commodities imports increased price falls, trade price conditions improved significantly.

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