1. Film carriage lifting mechanism adopts the dedicated elevator guide rail, double chain transmission, so the entire lifting mechanism run more smoothly with longer service life and had lower failure rate;

2. Film carriage adopts whole welding technology and laser positioning cutting process, the strength and machining precision is higher, so better stability, lower noise;

3. Support all-round protection for sensor on the film carriage, and configuration professional electrical junction box, which more convenient for the sensor replace and maintenance.

4. Using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which are custom-designed for the wrapping machine, more functional parameters and process parameters can be set freely adjusted, increased equipment soft positioning function to meet the needs of users differentiate packaging;

5. Improved the traditional turntable fixed home to virtual home. Save the time back to the origin home before packing. Arbitrary loading position is the origin of position, accurate back to the origin when the packaging is complete. Simplify the operation process.

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